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How is this different from the web version?
The awesome core gameplay remains the same, but taking the game to another platform allowed us to add some new features - such as:

  • "Roundtable" multiplayer mode: 2-6 players can now duke it out against each other on the same device. We take no responsibility for creating bitter rivalries.
  • "Nerd Level" - as you play, your level increases, your title changes and you get special advantages when playing.
  • Design your own team members. Where the web version required you to recruit friends or celebrities to your team, the iOS version allows you to design team members by choosing their name and favored categories.
  • Accounts are shared between the iPhone and the iPad version.
  • Note that you can't use your web game account in the iOS version. Playing the iOS version is a different experience, and competition between iOS players and web players would be unfair because of different interfaces and point systems. Therefore, the iOS version uses different high score lists and accounts from the web version.

Where do I get the app or view screenshots?
iPhone version here.
iPad version here.

So, this thing is totally FREE, right?
Yes. Without paying anything, you get all 16,000+ questions, all 15 categories, full team capacity and high score functionality for an unlimited time. Then, if you wish, you can pay a dollar to unlock the local multiplayer mode and a couple of other non-essential perks.

What are the main reasons for getting the iOS version of Game Of Nerds?
1. You can now play GoN in bed, at the bus stop and while conducting dangerous lab experiments.
2. You can now duel with up to 5 friends on one device and finally, FINALLY, prove that you're the superior nerd.
3. No restrictive coins system in the app version - just play until you dehydrate.
4. Watch your Nerd Level and your World Rank go up as you play. Develop fun new personality traits as you gradually become obsessed with what's essentially just growing numbers on a screen.

Latest news:
The final season has begun!

Season 8 has begun! This will be the final season of Game Of Nerds - not because we're shutting down, but because we're dropping the season system in favor of an ongoing competition where high scores aren't reset every three months.

Also, follow our Facebook Page for a cool announcement later this year that will affect the lives of all Game Of Nerds fans.

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