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Involver reserves the right to disqualify players from tournaments or retract prizes immediately and with no warning given if Involver determines that the players have attempted cheating or gaining an unfair advantage, for example by circumventing the game's security, abusing errors in the software, etc.

Note that it is not allowed for a user to register more than one account in Game Of Nerds. Doing so may result in immediate deletion of accounts and disqualification from tournaments.


By registering an account, you accept the above terms of use. Involver reserves the right to change the terms of use without warning. If Involver determines that such changes are vital to the general use of the website and the game, the changes will be evident from the website, and the continued use of the website and the game will require users' confirmation of the new terms of use.

Latest news:
The final season has begun!

Season 8 has begun! This will be the final season of Game Of Nerds - not because we're shutting down, but because we're dropping the season system in favor of an ongoing competition where high scores aren't reset every three months.

Also, follow our Facebook Page for a cool announcement later this year that will affect the lives of all Game Of Nerds fans.

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